Strut FAQs

East Atlanta struts its stuff neighborhood-wide on September 23, 2023. Here’s some info:

How does the Strut work?

The Strut kicks off at noon with the famous Strut Parade! Then the fun spreads throughout the neighborhood in a “porchfest” style party. Everything you love about the Strut — artists, bands, food, drinks, crazy games — is spread out to key spots in the neighborhood.

We’ve got buses to take you to the hot spots, or ride your bike to quickly get around.

We’ve divided the neighborhood into four mascot areas: Rooster, Dragon, Peacock and Llama, with hubs of activity in each area. Strut organizers will help you find the fun with maps, signs and hop-on/hop-off transportation.

Which mascot are you? Check here!

How can I participate?

You can join the Strut Parade, Strut Your Street, Strut Your Art or Business, Strut Your Talent, Roll Through the Strut, become a sponsor, or just take a walk around the neighborhood to see what’s going on. You also can volunteer.

What do I do if there’s a problem?

If there’s an emergency, call 911. Strut activities are on private property, so non-emergency problems should be reported first to the property owners. Streets that have many houses Strutting will have a block captain who can contact Strut organizers. If you don’t need an immediate response, email

What does it cost?

The Strut asks those 21 and older to buy a $5 wristband to help offset the festival’s costs. Some activities — like the VIP tasting at Strut Your Bake — may cost a small amount, with proceeds going to other nonprofits. Remember that the Strut is a nonprofit run completely by volunteers. Our goal each year is to make enough to put on next year’s festival and to give grants to smaller nonprofits and neighborhood schools. Information on sponsorship is here. You can order Strut merchandise here. You can donate to the Strut here.

What happens if it rains?

The Strut starts at noon and ends at 6 p.m., so any weather-sensitive activities should be able to work around a storm. Obviously, the Strut recommends that folks go indoors if lightning or worse threatens. The Strut Parade is rain or shine, unless weather is dangerous.

Where do I park?

We don’t recommend that you try to park in or drive through the East Atlanta business district. We do recommend that you leave the car at home and that you bike or walk around the neighborhood. East Atlanta has few parking lots, many narrow streets and not a lot of street parking. To make sure you can get to everything, we’re working on a variety of transportation options. We’ve arranged for free parking at Eastside Church and Temple of Faith Church. Watch for the East Atlanta Kids Club bus and several golf carts to ferry you to the action.

Are there restrooms?

Portable toilets and hand-washing stations will be placed near the various hubs of activity. They’re marked on paper Strut maps that are available at the Strut info tents in East Atlanta Village — at Flat Shoals and Glenwood, at the Farmers Market lot, at the Southern Feedstore market, and at the Argosy market.