Roll Through The Strut

We’re back to celebrate East Atlanta’s art, culture and quirkiness once again in 2022, on Saturday, September 24.

Cars will check in at 1:30 p.m. at Burgess-Peterson elementary school, just west of I-20 at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Clifton Road.

After driving a preset route through the neighborhood, you’ll park at Motor City and have plenty of time to party and check out each others’ rides.

Remember to send us a photo so Strutters can vote online.

To see the entrants from 2021, go over to Facebook.

Questions? Check the FAQ and About pages or contact

How Will You Strut?

How Will You Strut?

How will you Strut?
“Same” if no difference
“Same” if no difference
“Same” if no difference
“Same” if no difference
The Strut has a limited number of spots in EAV business parking lots and in the East Atlanta Farmers Market lot. We will notify you by June 25 if you are accepted, and we will also send a PayPal invoice.
I want to be listed in the online and printed guides
Note: To be paired with an artist, band or business, you must agree to be listed in the guides.
Sanitation Spot

Your address

All addresses will receive a Strut yard sign. Would you like to donate $12 to cover the cost of your sign?

By submitting this form, you agree that your Strut activity will be safe and legal and will follow any official guidelines and CDC recommendations regarding COVID that are in place on Saturday, September 24.

You agree that you are responsible for your own actions and for what happens on your private property. You understand that the Strut is serving only as a facilitator to connect artists, bands and businesses to residents, and to publicize activities on the day.

If you are listed in the guide, you agree that your yard and activity are open to people you don’t know. You can report problems to roaming Strut volunteers or, if necessary, to the police.

You agree to provide receptacles for and properly dispose of trash and recyclables.