About the East Atlanta Strut

The 2022 East Atlanta Strut will be the fourth Saturday in September, the 24th.

The Strut began in 1998, when a small group of East Atlanta Village business owners put on a fundraiser for a local boys and girls club. 

The Strut is run by a committee of 15 volunteers from the neighborhood and the local business community who work year-round to produce a neighborhood festival that shows why East Atlanta is a great place to live, work and play.

Traditionally, the Strut brings nearly 10,000 people to East Atlanta to enjoy an artists market, live music, beer, food and a parade.

But in 2020, we met the challenge of Covid with a new format for the Strut. There were no road closures, no inviting the world to pack the pavement.

Instead, the new Strut shows off the entire East Atlanta neighborhood. It offers Village businesses ideas and volunteers to help them strut their stuff in their own special ways. The businesses decide how to strut, and the Strut tells the neighborhood what’s going on where.

In the neighborhood, it’s the day to Strut Your Street. Plan an activity and tell the Strut what you’re doing. We’ll assign you a Strut mascot to set your theme and provide Strut yard signs. The only limits are your imagination, the law, and whatever social distancing guidelines are in force at the time. 

To give a theme to your Strutting ideas, we divided the neighborhood into four mascot areas: Rooster, Dragon, Peacock and Llama. Which one are you? Check here!

As always, the Strut will continue to give back to worthy causes in our community. We focus on small, hyperlocal organizations that don’t have a ready source of financial support or a staff of grant writers. Over the years, the Strut has donated thousands of dollars to projects that included beautification efforts for East Atlanta Village, support for our senior residents, our firefighters, our historic cemetery, our library and our local schools, with an emphasis on arts and music programs.

Thanks for your help!